Pink Car

At Hacker Drinkup last Wednesday, I was telling Enzo about a plan to cover Keith’s car in hot pink long pile fur. He’d asked me to do this like 6mo ago and we had the fur already. Enzo looked at me and said “Why don’t we do this right now?” It was 10p. “Now? Okay!”

We rallied the troops, who all had been enjoying Smoke’s Poutine and beers at District 13 on a fine Canada Day. We converged in the parking garage of an upscale Hollywood apartment complex, and spent the next four hours spray-gluing fluff to a beat up old beetle with its top cut off.

It was glorious.


11709641_10153343055656047_9086369608162072350_n 2015-07-02 11.21.14

2015-07-02 03.29.162015-07-02 03.39.18