San Diego ComiCon 2015


ComiCon time again! This year, I hopped back to press photography, which I dearly missed. I was shooting for Comic Book Resources, and got to shoot press rooms for Arrow, Flash, iZombie, Heroes Reborn, and Colony. Heroes Reborn was especially meaningful, since I shot that 6 years ago when they were completely unknown- I was one of like 2 photographers in that room. I also did the Outcast red carpet event, and a cosplay Harley event at the DC booth.

This year the pressrooms all felt a bit cramped- there are so many outlets these days, and space is precious. Even so, I got great placement most of the time.

Thursday I lucked out and got Wired Cafe access, which was super fun because a ton of my friends ended up also getting in. Some of them I hadn’t really spent time with in years. My favorite part was a Ben and Jerrys booth that did boozy floats. Pecan caramel is nice in whiskey.

I also cosplayed this year- I was a cyberpunk Princess Bubblegum from Adventure Time. Pretty much I had more pink in my hair than normal, and a golden wire crown.

Dave and I crashed with XBS, Methal, and their awesome kid Haya, and Methal’s sister. It was on the beach in OB and a fantastic place to recharge after being around people all day.

Sunday was awesome cuz I got to hang out in the Meatwad dome at Adult Swim- a virtual trippy roller coaster. Also had Grilled Cheese truck and a ton of Hello Kitty macaroons from their popup truck. We got some Google Cardboard from Nerd HQ, too. And we visited the Cat Cafe, and watched a toddler play with cat toys!

I know you’re actually here for ComiCon pics and not me rambling, so here they are. Some more might get posted later too:




Goofing Off: