Keto for Busy People

I’ve been doing a low carb diet off and on for a few years now called Keto, which I found on reddit. It mostly balances out my crazy trips where I end up going overboard on ramen and candy, and when done correctly, is a super effective way to lose weight. It’s a little tricky to do in stressmode, so here’s a primer on that!

You can have 20-50g carbs a day
Meat, dairy, and most things that are green are okay.
Read your food labels
You can get bonus carbs by subtracting fiber! Those are Net Carbs!

Bread: Lettuce
Tortilla: Lettuce, low carb tortillas
Pasta: Zucchini noodles, Spaghetti Squash
Rice: Cauliflower Rice. You can get it frozen at Trader Joes.
Sugar: Splenda, Stevia
Milk: Heavy cream, coconut milk, almond milk

Fast Things to Eat at Home:
grocery store rotisserie chicken, sausages, cheese/string cheese, hard boiled eggs, almonds, jerkied meats, frozen veggies

If you have time to cook, you can make stuff like chili or pulled pork or something and have enough for all week.

Ordering Out:
– Protein style is how you get a burger wrapped in lettuce
– Replace your fries/potato with double veggie

In-n-Out: Protein style, doubledouble. I do plain and can eat it in the car.
Carl’s Jr: Low Carb $5 Burger
Stout: Wrap any burger in lettuce
Pizza: sad. eat the toppings, throw out the crust
Chinese Food: Be careful of sugar, it’s like in everything here
Thai Food: Look at the salads. Steak salad?
Mexican: Huevos Rancheros, meat-centric entrees, chicken caesar, bacon wrapped shrimp
Sushi: Sashimi only
Diners: Omlettes, salads, protein style burgers
Indian: Tikka chicken
Greek: Kebob, any pile of meat and veggies. Awesome salads.

Look up the carb count but usually straight liquor is ok, as is a glass of red wine a night.

Broccoli with ranch dip, pork rinds with spinach dip, bacon (whole foods has bacon in their deli), cheeses, microwaved pepperoni, jicama slices, kale chips, seasoned almonds, pumpkin seeds

I hope this helps! My favorite keto sites are here:
Keto Subreddit (amazing community)
All Day I Dream About Food
Caveman Keto
My Fitness Pal (for tracking)
Looking up Carb Counts