Magazine Illustrations

For the past year, I’ve been providing illustrations for an online security magazine, The Parallax. This has been my favorite project, and I’m going to share some of my favorite pieces. It’s not easy sometimes, translating tech subjects to art, and I feel like I’ve grown as an artist with the challenges. I also did the branding and design for the site!

Krampus shows the perils of holiday giving. Parallax has forced me to draw hands.

I love cybermule so much. He’s from an article about money laundering.

Dollars for hacks is an experiment with photoshop.

I used my friend P0pe as the inspiration for this. 

And for the first time, had to draw some world leaders.

Had fun making this piece about facial recognition.

Drew Chris Nickerson. And candy. Two great things to draw. Started making a conscious effort this year to include more multicultural people in my art.

I also made this, and the infograph it leads to. I rarely have the chance to make infographs, and would like to do more.

Thanks for checking out my art! I’ve done a lot more over at Parallax, but these are my favorites!