Welcome Comic Con Friends!

You probably found this because I handed you a card at Comic Con! I’m livetweeting this week here: https://twitter.com/pinguino

If you’re a cosplayer who’s photo I’ve taken, I’ll update this page with links to articles you might have appeared in. I also post to Flickr and my instagram.

OC Weekly: https://www.ocweekly.com/slideshow/before-and-after-cosplay-transformations-at-san-diego-comic-con/

If you’re looking for a designer or branding specialist, my portfolio lives here: http://www.pinguinokolb.com/

I’m an artist and event promoter who lives in LA. I made the Cuddli geek dating app with a couple friends. I do press and event photography (oftentimes for OC WeeklyMake Magazine and Bleeding Cool, and illustrate The Parallax security magazine. I play with cryptocurrency for fun and host the Satoshi Square events in LA. I’m always looking for new photo gigs, illustration projects, and design opportunities. Email me!