NinjaPenguin 14

We welcome you to NinjaPenguin: House Party Edition! We’ve created a venue map for tomorrow’s festivities so that you can find your way around. Our DJs will be playing for you on Twitch (, the Main Stage at the center of our rave mansion. Follow Keith and maybe he’ll play fast cars for you.


We’re hosting a couple Zooms – Laser Lounge is our main channel and the Smoking Patio is less crowded if you need to go outside to get some air. We’ve also got Rainbow Room in NYC as another chill space. Our artists will be popping in and out of Laser Lounge. Playable Agency will be doing some cool Lightform projection mapping for you. Dress code for video chat is onesies, PJs, or Lingerie, though not strictly enforced.


VRChat is a virtual reality chat system with fun avatars. We’ll have Twitch playing from inside there. Your avatar does not need to wear a onesie. You can learn more about VRChat at 

Animal Crossing

The West Wing of the rave mansion houses our Animal Crossing islands. The main island is Washy Washy, and that’s Pingucat’s (pinguino). Come by the beach stage, eat at our restaurant, or play in the arcade! Grab a goodie bag on your way out! The intricately decorated Tír na nÓg is available for photoshoots, hosted by firecrck0r (Jamie). Finally, we have Isle of Bun, hosted by Adellex, our underground cuddle puddle rave!

Since Animal Crossing can only hold 10 visitors at a time, we’ll be using Turnip Exchange to handle the dodo code queue. The link to that will be released tomorrow.

Animal Crossing players may use our GoToMeeting room to chat while waiting for an island or just to hang out and play.

We’ve hidden gifts around one of the islands; try to limit grabbing only 1-2 of them so everyone has a chance to find one. On Washy Washy, we have a sectioned off area with gift bags, and will be replenishing that throughout the night. Please grab a gift! Most of us will have Twitch on a TV for music, and be on the GoToMeeting to talk to each other. 

(Big thanks to our Animal Crossing “sponsors” damphy, bunnie, Malia, pbob, and Ivy for decorating Washy Washy)

Selfie Contest

While you’re visiting one of the islands, take a selfie and post to Instagram or Twitter with #ninjapenguin14. Selfies must be posted by 2:00p (PST) Sunday. A winner will be selected who will receive a custom avatar portrait by Pinguino and Animal Crossing in-game surprises.

We’ll send links out to everything tomorrow! So excited to spend our birthdays with you and be able to bring virtual NinjaPenguin to life.


Pinguino and Dave