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Sodamod Math

I drink an obscene amount of soda and energy drinks, and years ago, noticed how expensive that habit was. So we got a Sodastream. Quickly we realized how expensive the canisters were to refill, and how annoying it was to remember to swap them out at retail locations, and the Sodastream ended up as a paperweight for a handful of years. Today, we finally got a Sodamod installed.

Sodastream’s canister threads are proprietary, so a few companies have jumped in to solve that problem. One of the oldest companies in the space is Sodamod, which lets you use a standard paintball canister, which theoretically can be refilled for super cheap.

For math purposes:

My sodamod adapter was $73.45. The 20oz paintball canister was $50 from Keg Outlet – food grade (cheaper if I didn’t mail order that or even bought the one off sodamod). Refilling the canister at Trinity Paintball was $8.50 (compared to sodastream’s 60l canister being $15, and a competitor, fizzfill, being $12.) Each 20oz tank should make 45l. Okay! Knowing that: $.18/l for the paintball canister and .25/1 for sodastream. I haven’t yet found a cheaper place to fill near my house: airgas said it was too small and Big 5 sporting goods doesn’t refill co2.

If I drank 1 liter of soda a day, i’d spend $365 a year at Ralphs. $65.7 for paintball method and $91.25 for sodastream. That’s also not accurate at all cuz I also drink a lot of energy drinks which average $2.50 each and I haven’t calculated out syrups. But ignoring syrup I can probably justify the adapter and canister if I plan to use it for more than a year and a half. It doesn’t save nearly as much as I was hoping, and was still a pain to get filled, but if we get cabling and upgrade to a giant tank I probably can move to just filling it once a year anyways.