I want to run away to the Circus

I just got back from Cirque Berzerk with Dave, Craig, Jessica, Chris, and Erin. Ran into Jonah Weiland and his friends there too. It was amazing. Not only is it Cirque de Soile level performance, but it’s put on by a group of Los Angeles burners from the Do Lab. And my friend Art was on stage doing insanely choreographed dance moves with the Wandering Marionettes!

Cirque Berzerk has aerialists, fire dancers, contortionists, musicians, ballerinas, and a midget, all with a gothic flair. There’s a giant circus bar outside with a ton of vintage pinball machines. One of the more popular acts had four acrobats doing synchronized trampoline stunts. If you live in Southern California and haven’t seen this show yet, I highly recommend it!!