Making the Meta Bar

Every year for our birthday, Dave and I throw a party called NinjaPenguin. This year was NinjaPenguin 4, held at the Good Nite Bar in North Hollywood. Every year, we do a crazy cake. The first year was a penguin. The second was  2girls1cup. The third was longcat. This year… we proudly introduce the META BAR. The Meta Bar is a 20,000 calorie candy bar made of every candy bar we could get our hands on.

Take all this candy. Seperate it into food groups. We did Nut, American, International, Fruit, and Meat.

Bake at 180 degrees (or whatever the lowest your oven goes) for like 30 mins til its all melty and fused. Leave in your fridge overnight. The chocolate won’t stick to the parchment paper. This is how it’ll look out of the oven:

Then make a wrapper using butcher paper, foil, and sharpies. This will also make transporting and showing off the candy bar easier.

We used a saw to cut it into pieces.

Here’s a cross section of the inside:

Overall, a successful kitchen experiment, and a memorable birthday cake!

Photos by Vissago. The rest of his awesome set, including the party trying out a bunch of KFC double downs, is here: