Foie Gras Ramen

Why is it that liver is one of the grossest foods out there, but fattened duck liver is one of the tastiest? We went to the Breadbar to find out what happens when you make ramen out of foie gras. They normally do bread, but for one month they have guest chefs Ironnori & Kazu cook up something different. The event is called the Pop-Up Yatai Ramen Twist. Verdict: TASTY.

We started with the pork feet gyoza, which was good, flakey, and didn’t taste like feet at all. Not that I know what feet taste like!

This is the oxtail and truffle oil ramen that Dave and Chris both got. They liked it, but I didn’t as much. It had an overpowering smokey taste that I wasn’t into. I stole an egg though. Yum!

Erin and I both ordered the Foie Gras Ramen and loved it. The broth was incredibly rich and exploding with smokey flavor. The noodles were slippery and crinkley. The foie gras simply dissolved in your mouth, and they gave you a giant chunk of it, too. It was an amazing experience, and if I had the chance to get it again, I would. It’s probably a good thing that this place is only around for a month.