Almost Recovered + ComiCon

I have lots of Japan stories still (my blog posts didn’t really make it to the best part). I’ll be posting more stuff from that trip over the next week or two.

We have a couple spots open on our Antarctica trip if you know anyone who’d like to join us on our once-in-a-lifetime adventure. It’s mostly hackers going, and will be a great opportunity for photographers. They’re limiting tourism to the continent soon. The trip is November 19-30, 2010 and departs from the tip of South America. More info here.

Also, I’m trying to raise money for the trip. I’m making handmade postcards that will be sent from Antarctica. Want one? B/W cards for a $10 donation, and colored ones for $25. Paypal

If you prefer a premade postcard, adopt one our our penguins here.

ComiCon pics are all up on CBR! One of the things I do is run around pop culture events and take pics of comic creators, cosplayers, and celebrities for the biggest and best comic book website around, Comic Book Resources. These shots were done while I had a sprained ankle, a badass camera that I was unfamiliar with, and about 16 hours of sleep over the course of 4-5 days. If you ever have the chance to climb Mt Fuji, don’t do it right before ComiCon. Bad idea.





Scott Pilgrim Shoot!

I think this is the only shot of me at SDCC this year. It’s me and my friend Cesar, at the Hyatt bar. While SDCC was pretty rough, I still had fun cuz a ton of my friends are in that industry. I stayed at Belmont Park with  Dekker and Julia, and got to know their friends as well. We attempted to partyhop a lot, but my fondest memories are going to the Hyatt and running into about a zillion people that I knew. And I got to eat lots of Mexican food, which San Diego does an awesome job at. Shooting the Scott Pilgrim press line was really, really fun.

Saturday night I couldn’t really handle ComiCon anymore, and Junk had talked me into ditching industry events to come out to XBS and Methal’s wedding reception. Plus Dave was going to be there. So I went and it was fantastic.