The Govt is Protecting You. Now with more Pedo.

When I was a kid, I was jealous of my best friend whose parents would let them fly over the place. I went on my first plane when I was 13. It was a school trip to DC and I think we flew Continental. Being able to fly was an exciting experience. For years, I loved planes and loved to fly. My favorite part is watching the familiar world around me turn into miniature dollhouses.

It’s sad that going to the airport is now a traumatic experience for many. They’ll take your toys and touch you in bad places. Or they’ll look at you naked. Isn’t that stuff that nightmares are made of? Isn’t the worst thing supposed to be going to school without your clothes on, and your schoolmates all pointing and laughing? With the new bodyscanners, the TSA is essentially doing that. It’s not right.

One thing you can do is opt-out of the naked body scanners. Sure, they’ll grope you and be jerks, but it’s the only way that citizens can really stand up to the TSA and collectively tell them to fuck off. And maybe someone will notice, who can fix the brokenness of airport security and make flying fun for people again. And Nov 24, you can be part of a movement to get them to notice. If you’re flying on November 24, please opt-out.