I’m Going to Antarctica

I realized a couple weeks ago that I was going to Antarctica. Not just any trip though; I’m throwing a few parties on a Russian science ship (ex-spy ship) with seventeen hackers. And riding tigers on the way home. Some of these people are even spending their *honeymoons* on this trip with us. It’s been two years in the making, and we’re finally going to go dance with penguins.

I’d like to note that I may have the best Antarctica packing list of all time. It includes:
1 Penguin Snuggleroo (Japanese Pajamas that make you look like a penguin)
1 Red Sequined Flapper dress with lacy flowery tights
1 Super-creepy penguin mask
1 Looxcie wearable cyborg camera (borrowed from nym)
1 Pico Projector (super high quality and the size of an iphone, borrowed from Mark Zabala)
72 Redbull shots (from Redbull)
17 custom handmade chocolate cigars from the Kitchen Cobbler
Lots of kickass camera gear. hopefully the rest of it shows up before I leave.
20 Inflatible 2ft penguins
5 tubes of glow bracelets
1 stap-on kneepads like construction workers wear
a giant pile of art supplies
105 handdrawn penguin postcards
3 packets of stick-on jewels for our uber-fancy Titanic Night
1 wool penguin hat from David Moon (xmas present)
oh and a bunch of snow clothes and stuff (Half of it borrowed from Bonnie)

This is the most epic adventure ever. I *hope* penguins come and sit on my lap. Seriously wishing to any shooting stars I see.

I’m throwing a rave. We’re playing video games on the ceiling. I get to spend two weeks with XBS, one of the first people I met on the internet (1993 #comics, yo). I leave on Wednesday.