Bunny Got Married

Thursday at lunch, Rob took me to Nordstrom Rack so I could get my anti-bridesmaid dress, and after work me and Dave headed over to Via Tribunali, which is regarded as the best pizza in Seattle (by Italians). I got to see a bunch of my old raver friends who I hadn’t seen in a while- Bunny (Melissa), the bride, her fiance Dan, Colie and John, Jamie and Bob, Sumbry, and George, plus met lots of new people. We ate TONS of great pizza, and drank lots of excellent wine, then met up at a bar. Qwiki (Mark Zabala) showed up, as did my friend Adriano (antiuser). As we were walking down the street, we also ran into Wei, a friend of a friend who I met last time I was in Seattle.

Qwiki, Dave, and I crashed at my friend Goober’s (Josh’s) house, which was near the wedding site, and the next morning ran to the mall to get last-minute clothing stuff. Our crappy cab was 30mins late, so we were late getting to the wedding, but it was also running late. This was only the second wedding I’d ever shot. I took wide-angle pics and Dave handled all the closeups. The ceremony was short and beautiful, and Bunny was incredibly elegant in her dress and veil. It was in Dan’s parent’s backyard, with a bubbling river fountain in the background. I’ll post pics soon.

We then all migrated to a reception in a loft space. Dan made all the food, which included an entire roast pig, including head. There also were three amazing salads and some dips. Sumbry and Qwiki DJed and it was super super fun.

The next morning we went to Dan’s parent’s house again for a brunch. We chilled at Mike Merrell’s house after that, watching Ponyo on his projector. Ponyo was cute but really weird- it’s the new Miyuzaki movie. Adriano picked us up and took us on an adventure that included “Burger of the Gods” at Lunchbox Laboratory, the Fremont Troll, gyros, and Gasworks Park at 2a.

Sunday was ZOO DAY. Me, Dave, Adriano, Rob, Savannah, and Claire all wandered around the zoo and got to see the new penguin exhibit. We learned a lot about how guano harvesting is bad for penguins, and what fishes you can safely eat without impacting the Anarctica ecosystem. After that a ton of people met up at SLUG, which was a resteraunt.

Yesterday me and Dave mostly worked a bunch, and migrated over to Carl’s house. Adriano took us to Molly Moon’s for insanely good ice cream. I had honey lavendar on a handmade cone. We saw a beautiful night cityscape from Queen Anne, and went cheese shopping. Then, Dave and I played Settlers of Catan with Carl and Xt.

Today we telecommuted from Cupcake Royale in Ballard, which so far, has been my favorite place to telecommute. Lemondrop and Raspeberry Lemonade cupcakes for lunch today! Seattle has been awesome, though I wish I had more energy this time around to explore.