Rivertubing in Arizona!

I’m back from Arizona, where we went rivertubing… but one of the best parts of the trip was getting there. Jose rented a 15 passenger white van, and chris taped “FREE CANDY” and a bunch of candy to the side of it. Watching reactions of people we passed was really entertaining.

Saturday:  20 people and 20 tubes, plus a raft full of booze, snacks, and sunscreen, a keg of PBR, and another raft with an ipod and speakers. we floated down the salt river, where the common ammunition of choice was the marshmallow. I’ve never really done anything like that before, and it was really really really really fun. I absolutely recommend this as a cheap fun weekend trip.

Then I got super sick, sore, and sunburnt. Me and dave ran across a parking lot barefoot in 115 degree weather and crisped our feet. He’s worse off than i am though, and i feel pretty terrible right now.