Limos to Downey! 80’s Night Extravaganza

punky Last night, me and ten of my friends piled into a couple of limos and rode from Hollywood to Downey. Most people in LA don’t go to Downey- it’s 20mins (with no traffic) away, and it’s very suburban and boring, as well as being an older area in the city. But there’s a club night there called “80’s Club Addiction” that our friend Strom was spinning at, so we wanted to come support.

We were dressed in our 80’s best, so everyone dug through closets or scurried to thrift stores, and we all looked totally 80’s. I ended up doing a Punky Brewster outfit – I even made some sunshine hair-ties out of Sculpty that morning. We were also prepared to party, drinking champagne in the limos, and drinking Tab with rum or tequila.

I don’t like the 80’s. I wasn’t a huge fan of it when it was happening, and I don’t like the music or clothing. But I like Punky Brewster a lot- watched all of the TV show and cartoons she had. The goal tonight was to drink enough that we’d like 80’s music, which was accomplished.

When we got to the club, there were glow bracelets everywhere, and themed drinks like “Pac Man” and Madonna. Oddly, there was an SMS wall, which we spent the next 2.5 hrs playing with. Erin ordered some fries and they were amazing, and Dave got some nachos, which were a bit synthetic and spicy. The Cure cover band went on too long, so Strom’s set got cut short, but it was fun hearing him play.

When we got out, I realized that I’d lost my iphone. Unable to locate it, I just figured it was stolen. Dave left some messages on it, but it was going straight to voicemail.

rmrfcoronaWe finished the night with some Fruit Stripe gum and piled back in the limos to go home.

Today, I woke up and called AT&T. They said there was a call after 11p, but they couldn’t tell me who it was to. They told me I could look it up online though, so I did, and had Dave call the number. He got that person to give us the number of the person who had the phone, which turned out to be some dude in Hawthorne. He claimed his gf picked the phone up last night. We drove out to Hawthorne and grabbed it, and it’s totally fine, and I’m super relieved. Happy ending, hooray!

Keith has more pics here