I’m back from New York ComiCon! The con was really fun but exhausting. Got to see lots of friends, which made me super happy. I showed up super sick (and was kinda under the weather and feeling terrible all week). I shot a really fantastic Z-Trip and Tom Morello concert, and the next night shot the DC Comics party. The best part of that was that it was the largest number of DC comics writers and artists in one place that I’ve ever captured. I’m starting to see my photography like Pokemon. Gotta get them all! Hung out with my anime friends after that; ate Ippudo Ramen and chilled at the New Yorker hotel. Sat was super fun. Rich gave me like half a suitcase full of british candy, mostly jelly babies!!!! Ate at Five Guys Burgers, hit an MTV party, hung out at a bar, found Tendency and Justin and chilled at Duke’s, then ended up at Artichoke Pizza where Zane came to visit us! Sunday I was broken but I shot Adventure Time and got to meet the guy who makes The Oatmeal. I hung out with his mom. Then I ate ramen at the airport and one of the CBR reporters ended up sitting next to me and chatting on the way home on our plane!