Nonstop Excitement

This has been the summer of never being home. In the past few months I’ve been at ComiCon (San Diego), DefCon (Vegas), Puzzle Party (DC), Nym’s Wedding and Bachelor Party (SF), and my family’s first-ever reunion (Georgia). The weekends I have been here, I’ve been working on projects in Sunland, plus friends flew in for Hard Summer, a large electronica event downtown.

Is tiring. But fun.

Helped with lots of exciting projects, like a phone company, a water tower for a playa shower, gold-leafed counters for an upscale cafe, chandelier, two photoshoots, crazy food projects, and a comic book! Burning Man is about a week away, so we’re scrambling to make sure we have shelters to live in and costumes to wear. It’s going to be the hottest, windiest, and dustiest ever, which is a bit nervewracking.

Through the next week I’m going to try to add as many blog posts I can about the adventures I’ve been on lately!

If anyone wants to send me or Dave a note while we’re at Burning Man, this is our address and we’ll be there Aug 27-Sept 3

French Quarter: Lonesome Gator Gumbo Cookery
7:30 and A