Space Dreams

I think every kid wants to be an astronaut at some point. I sure did. My family watched a lot of Star Trek, which probably also fueled my interest. I loved looking at pictures of planets, and making my own constellations up. My dad went to NASA in Houston and brought these back for me. Not long after that, I watched the Challenger blow up on TV, and started to rethink my dream of becoming an astronaut. When I found out how much math they would have to excel at doing, I changed my mind about wanting to spend my life in astronomy. However, I never lost my love for space travel.

Tomorrow the last shuttle will ride piggyback on a 747 and land at LAX. Endeavour will have a new home at the California Science Center, but its journey from Florida to California seems almost as historic as its working years. Once it lands in LA, it will be towed through the streets of LA to the museum.

Endeavour will be flown around LA in the morning (around 10:30-11:30). If you work near these locations, keep your eye on the skies!

Boeing plant in Seal Beach
California Science Center
Getty Museum
Griffith Observatory
Huntington Beach
LA City Hall
Queen Mary
Santa Monica Pier
Space X in Hawthorne
Universal Studios

I’ll be at LAX shooting this in the morning. If you want to brave the crowds there and watch, cops are closing down the 300-600 blocks of Imperial Ave for spectators. It will be landing at 11:30. Ridiculously excited.