Horse in a House

So yesterday Jose tried to plan  a suprise bday party for Keith, and about an hour later Keith found out.  He twittered “Ok, cats out of the bag. It’s my birthday. I’d ask for a pony if I wasn’t 100% sure you assholes would get one and put it in the front room!”

About a month ago, me and Vissago were at the Burbank mall, and we ran into Hivoltage (Teklord’s old roomate). I’ve known Hivoltage since I was like 13, but we hadn’t really hung out in ten years. He said he bought  a mini-horse and we traded numbers.

So when Keith said he wanted a pony for his bday, I texted Hivoltage, who was suprisingly ok with bringing her up 11stories up to an apartment in Hollywood for a party/prank. And it was awesome. I don’t think I can think of a better present than that, ever.

The horse was super cute and I got to ride in an elevator with her. She travels around in a Scion xB and does tricks.