Last weekend I went to Labyrinth of Jareth in Los Angeles with Matt Pinner and some of his Crashspace friends. It’s pretty much the fanciest and best masquerade event in America, put on by Sypher Studios.  Because I was shooting Anime Expo, I didn’t bring a camera to this event, but I did want to share the costume I threw together in a couple hours.


photo by Dave

The cat ears are wire and tulle, sewed into combs. I’m going to redo them as clips because I lost one of them at Anime Expo the next day. The skirt base was something I bought at Forever 21 and stitched into more of a steampunk shape, and I made a tulle bustle and sewed that onto the back, too. To make it into a bustle, follow tutu directions, but just do half of it, and make the tulle different lengths. Fluff the short ones out and put them on top. I used ribbon to tie the tulle bits to, instead of elastic.

  • Skirt: $27
  • Tulle: $20
  • Tights: $5
  • Necklace: $5
  • Corset: In my closet, needed quick repairwork on beads


pics by Heather