Pumpkin Spice Challenge Part 2

Due to some poor food planning on my part, I started Pumpkin Spice Challenge Day 1 at the Universal Commissary. While this cafeteria-style eatery has a vast variety of food, most of it sounded pretty terrible with pumpkin spice sprinkled onto it. I went for the 1/2 egg salad sandwich on sourdough, which would have been ok on a different bread type. We also got free Sprinkles cupcakes for heart awareness, and the spice worked great on red velvet. For dinner (I was famished) I microwaved a potato and put butter and spice on it. I’m starting to think the spice works better in sauces than as a topping.


Afterwards, I cooked a bunch of chicken for 3hrs in coconut milk, carrots, leeks, pumpkin pie spice, and pizza sauce. I wanted to make taco fillings. It was pretty awesome with feta cheese so I had to eat one tonight. I’m about to cook some pumpkin, which is the other ingredient these tacos were supposed to have. I was a bit hesitant about surviving this challenge until I had a taco 🙂