Reflecting On The Past Couple Decades

I don’t want to make a bunch of resolutions i’ll break, so i’m just going to stick with one: throw a party in Antarctica.

By 2020 I want to visit all the continents and go up in space once.

In the past decade I’ve:

Found the perfect boy
Travelled to europe twice and Japan three times
Gotten paid by publishers and websites to take pictures and travel
Thrown parties that have become internet-famous
Got my 6th dan black belt in Tang Soo Do
Went to the Firefly movie premiere & the Season 4 Battlestar Galactica premiere
Got a picture taken with the president (Bush, blegh) at the White House Xmas party
Had back surgery where they fused some bones together and grew new bone over it
Got to see tons of people wearing my tshirt designs at conventions
Hung out in secret bars an partied under a freeway overpass a few times
Partied in an abandoned missile silo
Frequently visited the Magic Castle, and been to Club 33 twice
Burning Man, Tokyo DisneySeas, Love Parade SF, and the Sapporo Snow Festival
Shot lingerie models on an airplane while hanging out in a scary tall crane
Made a LuLu costume with my friend and cosplayed at a few conventions
Won an award for working on a flash video game, at Schmoocon
Appeared in some small movies, and had some art used in one
Eaten raw horse and a foie gras corn dog
Explored many hidden and abandoned places
Shot Red Carpet at the Spike TV Scream Awards twice, and the 300 DVD release
Shot two weddings and attended many weddings
Ran my own karate school
Learned to cook

In the past two decades I’ve:

Thrown punk shows and underground raves
Published (and been published) in zines, comics, and a CD-ROM
Moved around a bunch in three states (California, Texas, Colorado)
Gotten sued for $100,000 by Penguin Books
Been raided by the FBI
Got on the front page of the local newspaper (San Diego)
Been in a bunch of art shows and thrown my own
Been to San Diego ComiCon 16 times
Been to Defcon 12 times. Since Defcon 4 I’ve only missed it once (or twice?)

I kinda lapsed on the comic book publishing thing, but me and Dave are working on a photo book project together. Making this list made me realize how long it’s been since I’ve published anything (The last big thing I made was a comic book on CD-ROM in 1998). I came up with a story idea while in the woods this weekend though.

Happy New Year!