Pumpkin Spice Challenge Part 3


It’s been about a week and I’m very tired of pumpkin spice.

Day 2:

Pumpkin and Pumpkin Pie Spice Tacos with Feta. I made some german Pumpkin Soup but didn’t really have any. That night we celebrated Grace’s birthday at Hacker Drinkup, so we were over at Rick’s Tavern in Santa Monica. I ordered a favorite- pineapple roasted brussel sprouts, and added my spice mix with a bit of puree’d pumpkin. It didn’t taste very good. Alia brought us dessert, which was pumpkin biscotti with vanilla ice cream, Pumpkin pie spice granola, and chocolate chunks, and that was pretty awesome.



Day 3:

Ate the pumpkin soup for breakfast. It was pretty good. Ate tacos at lunch. Every Thursday, food trucks come to our neighborhood. How could I not go buy something from the “Sushi Pirate” truck?! So I ordered a cream cheese salmon avo tempura roll, and replaced the jalapeno with a slice of spiced pumpkin. I was astonished that it was actually very good.



Day 4:

p0pe came to visit at work, so we a food truck called Hurricane Kitchen. I got a whiskey BBQ glazed salmon salad, and the spice tasted fine on it. I had tacos at home that night.





Day 5:

Packing hell. So many boxes. Sheri and Jason came by to grab some free toys, so we went to a Japanese place called Daichan. I got some chicken stuffed tempura battered pumpkin (spice worked nicely) and chicken curry (the curry absorbed everything). Ran up to Angel Valley so Bob could cut Tardis wood for us. Dave had picked up some pumpkin pie soda at Rocketfizz, which was drinkable but kinda tasted gross after a while. It was like spice + corn syrup with a hint of orange soda. We ordered pizza but I was so exhausted that I forgot to add spice to it.