Pumpkin Spice Challenge Part 4


So even though I hadn’t posted in weeks, Pumpkin Pie Spice and I have had quite an adventure.

Day 6:

Tardis build in Camarillo. Craig took me to a fish taco place, where I added Pumpkin Pie Spice (PPS) to every type of salsa. It ended up being very good on mango salsa, and fairly horrific on everything else. Eliot and I hit up Gottsui, a Okonomiyaki joint in West LA. Translation: Japanese pancakes made of cabbage, loaded with savory toppings. PPS wasn’t bad, but the open kitchen meant I had to kind of sneak it on.

Day 7: PPS worked well on Jamba Juice’s granola yogurt cup. I also got around to making a German pumpkin soup recommended by Oscar.  Recipe here, swap in PPS. http://www.chefkoch.de/rezepte/552001152809779/Cremige-Kuerbissuppe.html



Day 8: Soup, soup, and more soup. I also picked up some pumpkin pie pop tarts, which were amazing. At this point we’d largely packed our kitchen for the move. I also busted into Pete’s Pumpkin Patch Soda, which was pretty good as a chaser for bourbon.

Day 9: Oscar to the rescue! He hooked me up with a bunch of mini pies and mini quiches. So delicious. Dave and I hit Stout after work and I pumpkin spiced a burger with brie and fig jam. SO GOOD.



Day 10. I can dream all day about pumpkin quiche. I also got the Grilled Cheese Truck to invent a sandwich that fit pumpkin spice- they handed me one made of turkey, brie, and spinach. perfect. I also put it on some toast with butter and portuguese marmalade to great success.

Day 11: Ate more quiche, and got a pumpkin pie slice from Republic of Pie. We went out to a fancy french place to dinner, where I snuck PPS onto my eclair dessert.

Day 12: Moving day! Also I was in the Samurai and Geishas art show in Little Tokyo. We got ramen, but I didn’t PPS it. I did dust my mochi with it. Also had more pop tarts. We went barhopping after and hit One Eyed Gypsy. I added PPS to my Montserrat cocktail.

Day 13: Pumpkin Pie shake at Baskin Robbins with my Togos sammich. Tardis build in Camarillo. We bought pizza and I almost forgot to spice. Ran back in and added it to the lonely veggie slice. grosssssss.



Day 14: PPS is edible with greek yogurt with honey. It was great on my thanksgiving sandwich (carving board truck?). Went to Baja Fresh and added it to mango salsa.

Day 15: At Fatburger, the chef made a heart on my low carb chili burger. I added spice. Adding it to grocery store chicken was meh.

Day 16: Chris brought a maple donut to work, which was awesome with spice. We learned that it’s great on In-n-out fries well done. He bought some pumpkin spice k-cups so I tried that.  It’s fairly good on tater tots. I added it to the fireball burger at Rick’s Tavern, which totally worked. Drinkup was super fun.

Day 17: Went to Camarillo to the place where Coffee Bean is distributed from. I got a super fresh pumpkin spice latter. Conclusion: I don’t really like drinking pumpkin pie. The spice was great on the Camarillo Burger from Burger Barn, which had avocado, swiss, and cheddar on it. We hit Cold Stone for dinner and I added it to my churro sundae. Cold Stone makes terrible churros.


Day 18: Stopped at Mitsuwa on the way to San Diego. They had a pumpkin festival so I got a Japanese bun with mochi and pumpkin inside. We ate at Santouka Ramen and I added it to my ramen. Then we found ninjas in San Diego and made drinks with the Pumpkin Pie Liqueur I bought.

Day 19: Hooray Toorcon! I kinda OD’ed on Pumpkin Pie Spice. Chris came up with a way to make PPS Vodka super quickly so we drank it in our swanky hotel all day. It mixes well with sugarfree cream soda. Hit a fish place and ate it on my pumpkin seed slaw. Added it to some fries.

Day 20: Disaster!! Pumpkin spice cap didn’t get put on, and it ended up all over my purse.


Day 21: Made new spice. Added to pineapple sausages: terrible. Ate PPS pecan pie after dinner at Federal Bar, and had a bit of Rhona’s pumpkin.

Day 22: I made a thai yellow curry with PPS. It also had chicken, zucchini, eggplant, and butternut squash. Super yummy. Proceeded to eat it inside a squash.

Day 23: More Curry, this time over cauliflower rice. I’m trying to combine keto with pumpkin challenge.

Day 24: More curry. Dave and I also had Lal Mirch, which is indian food. I added some to some tikki lamb and it was okay.