Pumpkin Spice Challenge Part 5


So tired of pumpkin spice. I think Toorcon really was ODing on it. Totally couldn’t handle it the last week.

Day 25: “This pumpkin walks into a bar..” Had a Trader Joe pumpkin bar, which only tasted slightly different than their apple bars. I also got a burger from the Los Lobos truck, which was pretty good with pumpkin spice on it.

Day 26: Worked on the Tardis while eating pumpkin seeds. They didn’t have spice on them though. Then I put some pumpkin spice on a taco salad, which was super terrible. The spice doesn’t work with lettuce. I had it on a Camarillo burger at Burger Barn for dinner, and that worked out pretty well.

Day 27: Ate a ton more pumpkin bars

Day 28: Cooked zucchini with pumpkin spice and butter. Yum.

Day 29: Added pumpkin spice onto some Trader Joe’s greek yogurt and some honey (mixed a type I got a farmer’s market with some Bees Brothers honey). It was okay. Added it to some canned chili and it was terrible. It think it worked okay in the Amy’s samosa burrito.

Days 30 + 31: Made keto-friendly mini pumpkin cheesecakes and ate one every meal.

Hooray! I think I had it every day except the day after Toorcon, and I managed to eat it in most of my meals. Super burnt out on pumpkin spice, but now I know of a few extra things it’s pretty good on 🙂