3Doodler Penguin


When I was a kid, there was a Star Trek episode that showed artists using a tool to draw sculptures using their thoughts to control the art. As their fingers moved, the art was formed. I wanted that future.

A year ago I saw a Kickstarter for a pen called a 3Doodler, which takes 3D printing extrusion techniques to let you control plastic filament. I backed it for $75, which included the pen and 2 extra bags of colored plastic.

I finally got it this week and took it to Hacker Drinkup. My attempt at making a heart resulted in a scribble, but I made this penguin for Eliot after that. Everyone had fun and Al made a really cool boat.

Next week we’re gonna try to play Pictionary in 3D with it.

It’s on Thinkgeek for $100.